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ABOUT THE Photoshop

  • After completion of training program on Photoshop , students and professionals will get the most and the best from their accounting skills.
  • Photoshop training from JAGJIT INSTITUTE Delhi is cost-competitive.
  • Course Completion Certificate to every student and carries global recognition.
  • Photoshop Training can be customized after analyzing the company-specific requirements
  • Industry Specific specially tailored Photoshop training modules.
  • Highly qualified and certified trainers on Photoshop with expertise in our instruction methods.
  • At no extra cost, the needy students can repeat the classes with prior permission.
  • For the students to get maximum benefit from the training, One-on-One attention is given to each student.
  • Well maintained Smart Labs with latest equipment where individual can flourish their practical knowledge with hands on practice.
  • To make students become well aware of the complex working scenarios in the work field, we establish strong practices in enhancing their technical skills and concepts on the subject.
  • PG Facilities available in the nearby vicinity for students coming from other states for Photoshop Training in Delhi.
  • We are not giving the just the basics training for Photoshop rather we make our students work on various projects which give them hands on experience on photo retouching, image editing, text effects, cut-outs, patterns, background designing, image manipulations, and Layouting.
  • Photoshop offers you many opportunities to make your images look great and eye-catchy as it is the only Image editing application that is used to manipulate and enhance your digital photographs and images.


Course Contents
  • Lecture 1:
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 2:
    The Photoshop Workspace, Preferences, and Tools
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 3:
    Finding and Processing Images
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 4:
    Creating New Images, Resizing, and Adjusting Resolution
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 5:
    Layers, Layer Masks, Blending Modes and Smart Objects
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 6:
    Selections and Channels
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 7:
    Working with Paths and professional technique of cut out making
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 8:
    Working with Vector Shapes
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 9:
    Working with Text
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 10:
    Enhancing, Correcting, and Retouching
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 11:
    Lightening, Darkening, and Changing Contrast
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 12:
    Color Correction and Color Changes
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 13:
    Transparency, Opacity, Silhouettes, and Image Collages
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 14:
    Noise, Grain, Dust, Pixelization, and Jagged Edges
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 15:
    Retouching and Restoring Digital Images
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 16:
    Filters and Layer Styles Chapter
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 17:
    Distortion Effects
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 18:
    Text Effects
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 19:
    Working with 3D Images
    30 Minute

Who can Join Adobe Photoshop Course in Our Institute?

Anybody who have interest in image editing, collage making, image manipulation and various effects. Candidate must be good in reading and writing the english.

Projects in Adobe Photoshop

Retouching, color balancing, brush effect, filter effect, compositing, matte painting, digital painting, image manipulation, special effects, text effects, wallpapers, posters, boards, banners, covers, ads, photo montage, etc.