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  • After completion of training program on Indesign , students and professionals will get the most and the best from their accounting skills.
  • Indesign training from JAGJIT INSTITUTE Delhi is cost-competitive.
  • Course Completion Certificate to every student and carries global recognition.
  • Indesign Training can be customized after analyzing the company-specific requirements
  • Industry Specific specially tailored Indesign training modules.
  • Highly qualified and certified trainers on Indesign with expertise in our instruction methods.
  • At no extra cost, the needy students can repeat the classes with prior permission.
  • For the students to get maximum benefit from the training, One-on-One attention is given to each student.
  • Well maintained Smart Labs with latest equipment where individual can flourish their practical knowledge with hands on practice.
  • To make students become well aware of the complex working scenarios in the work field, we establish strong practices in enhancing their technical skills and concepts on the subject.
  • PG Facilities available in the nearby vicinity for students coming from other states for Indesign Training in Delhi.
  • If you are looking or planning to work with publishing house, Advertising Industry where the nature of work involved more of designing and layouting of brochures, magazines, newspapers, newsletters etc then Adobe In-Design application is must to learn.
  • Our panel of experts will give you proficient training where you will be able to learn type controls, graphics file management, layers and document setup.


Course Contents
  • Lecture 1:
    Creating a New Document
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 2:
    Exploring the In-Design Application Folder
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 3:
    Exploring the Document Window
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 4:
    Using Tools
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 5:
    Creating, Opening, and Saving Documents
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 6:
    Working with Pages and Layers
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 7:
    Creating Layout Standards
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 8:
    Defining Colors, Tints, Gradients
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 9:
    Adding Frames, Shapes, and Lines
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 10:
    Manipulating Objects
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 11:
    Transforming Objects
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 12:
    Applying Effects to Objects
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 13:
    Orchestrating Objects
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 14:
    Importing Text Files
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 15:
    Editing and Formatting Text
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 16:
    Creating Special Text Formatting
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 17:
    Setting up Styles
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 18:
    Using Special Characters
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 19:
    Setting Up Tabs and Tables
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 20:
    Working with Footnotes, Indexes, and TOCs
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 21:
    Creating Multidocument Projects
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 22:
    Importing Graphics
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 23:
    Fitting Graphics and Frames Together
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 24:
    Preparing for Color Prepress
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 25:
    Printing Documents
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 26:
    Creating Prepress Files
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 27:
    Creating Web, Interactive PDF, and Flash Documents
    30 Minute

Who can Join this Course?

Anybody with the knowledge of basic computer and internet. Working experience of Microsoft Word is desirable. Knowledge of any typesetting or pagination application would be an added advantage.

Learning Outcomes of Adobe InDesign Course

InDesign is a page layout software program published by Adobe. Its a widely-used software program for design page, production and composition. It is great for multi page projects such as brochures, magazines, newsletters or any projects destined for professional quality output such as offset printing presses or PDF files. You can easily manipulate text by setting different font styles, weights and other properties and then saving the style you created to apply to other desired text within the document.

Projects in Adobe InDesign

Brochures, magazines, catalogues, prospects, newspaper, newsletter, stationery, cover etc.