A+ Course

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A+ Course
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  • At no extra cost, the needy students can repeat the classes with prior permission.
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  • Well maintained Smart Labs with latest equipment where individual can flourish their practical knowledge with hands on practice.
  • To make students become well aware of the complex working scenarios in the work field, we establish strong practices in enhancing their technical skills and concepts on the subject.
  • PG Facilities available in the nearby vicinity for students coming from other states for A+ Course Training in Delhi.


Course Contents
  • Lecture 1:
    Computer Components Identification
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 2:
    Assemble and Disassemble Computer Components
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 3:
    Components in Portable Computers
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 4:
    Devices Installation and Configuration
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 5:
    Characteristics of Cabling and their Connectors
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 6:
    Common IDE, SCSI and Peripheral Devices
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 7:
    Optimize PC Operations Optimization
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 8:
    Determine the Issues that must be Considered when upgrading a PC
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 9:
    Popular CPU Chips
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 10:
    Types of Memory (RAM)
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 11:
    Types of Motherboards and their Components
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 12:
    Printer Technologies, Interfaces and Options/Upgrades
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 13:
    Troubleshoot Common Printer Problems
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 14:
    Operating System Fundamentals OS Installation
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 15:
    Common Error Codes Interpretation
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 16:
    Networking Capabilities of Windows
    30 Minute