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Advance Business English
(500 Review)


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  • Business English course starts during the first intensive course with the introduction of the students to the world of business. This preparatory course will further give the students the opportunity to speak on general topics, to communicate in Business environment and to understand texts on business and finance in the English speaking world.

Advance Business English Syllabus

1. Advanced extempore(impromptu speech)
2. General and business idioms
3. Commonly used English phrases and idioms
4. Group Discussion (dos and don’ts and current topics)
5. Grammar (advanced level)
6. Advanced level tenses and general grammar
  • Lecture 6.1:
    Revision of basic and intermediate
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 6.2:
    Phrasal Verbs
    30 Minute
7. Vocabulary (Advanced)
  • Lecture 7.1:
    Meaning of words (Synonyms)
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 7.2:
    Opposite of words (Antonyms)
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 7.3:
    Confused pair of words
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 7.4:
    Exercises and Quizzes
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 7.5:
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 7.6:
    General Knowledge
    30 Minute
8. Written Communication
  • Lecture 8.1:
    Corporate email etiquette
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 8.2:
    Essay (200-250 words)
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 8.3:
    Business letters
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 8.4:
    Precis writing
    30 Minute
9. Interview preparation (professional level)
  • Lecture 9.1:
    Personal Interview techniques for professionals
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 9.2:
    Resume Preparation (professional chronological resume)
    30 Minute
  • Lecture 9.3:
    Soft skills
    30 Minute
11. Presentation skills
12. Telephone etiquette
13. Accent neutralization
14. Corporate etiquette
15. Business skills
16. Public speaking
17. Listening skills
18. Mastering interpersonal skills
19. Team building skills
20. Being a leader
21. Difference between a manager and a leader
22. Stress management
23. Body language (gestures, posture, the art of mirroring and so on)